23 May 2010 8:12 pm   //   Filed under: Bicycles, Photos

Photos from my Bike MS ride

I’ve just returned from the Bike MS Chesapeake Challenge in┬áChestertown, Maryland. My family’s team rode for Joanne, my stepmom, who has MS. As a team of five, we collected 101 gifts for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, for a grand total of $5,360!

As the most obsessive cyclist on my family’s team, I rode a century the first day and 50 miles the second day. The rest of the team rode 30 miles the first day and 30 the second, though Gerritt joined me on the 50-mile route Sunday. Together we rode a total of 410 miles.

The challenge ride/walk was staffed by dozens of spirited volunteers, who made the event a great experience. The routes took us across the undulating farmland of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The flat, straight, low-traffic roads gave us a chance to really open up and fly. I had a great time riding and feel glad to have raised a significant chunk of change to support MS research and support programs.

Some photos follow. Gerritt has more on his Flickr page.

The starting line on Sunday.

The team: Me, Dad, Abbie, Vinnie, Gerritt.

Me and Gerritt.

Dad, Abbie and Vinnie, Saturday.

Me and Dad, Saturday.

L to R: Gerritt, Gramma, Dad, Joanne, Vinnie, Abbie, Sandy, me. Yes, there are boat masts poking out of our heads.

Gerritt getting pumped to ride on Sunday.

Gerritt crosses the finish line after riding 50 miles on Sunday. We did it!

Some scenes from from the ride: