12 Jun 2010 10:49 am   //   Filed under: Photos, Travel

Snaps of Dublin (first edit)

Hello from Dublin! I’m here for the CEPIC Congress, but these snapshots aren’t of the conference; they’re of other stuff I’ve seen in the city. Please enjoy. I’ll do a full edit and create a travel page for Dublin when I have time.

(P.S. to the CEPIC folks who asked about my Diana camera: I’ll post those pictures on this blog in a few days, after I get the film processed.)

Aviva stadium, Dublin, DART train

A DART train (Dublin’s metro) and the brand new Aviva stadium, where the conference was held.

Book of Kell sign that says Please Q here

Waiting to see the Book of Kells.

American Apparel in Dublin

Hipster globalization.

Street sign that says look left

Look left, or you’ll get smooshed by a double-decker bus.

Sign in Howth harbor

Howth harbor.

Ireland's Eye

Boats sailing toward the island called Ireland’s Eye.

Howth seafood sign

A sign in Howth advertising today’s seafood catch.

Sculpture in Howth with a prayer on it

“May we be gathered in the nets of God.”

Hotel door hanger that says Fire Please Assist

Not a recommended way to summon the fire brigade.