14 Jun 2010 10:09 pm   //   Filed under: Transit, Typography

Spotted in the wild: The new subway map!

These are interesting times for our transit system.

Because of budget cuts, two lines are going away later this month. (I hope to attend one of the transit funerals for the V or W train! Anybody with me?)

A currently unused stretch of track—the Chrystie Street Connection—will be reopened to make way for the rerouted M.

All kinds of bus routes are being changed.

And in a strange move, this week the MTA accidentally posted a monument to Internet woe when it labeled the 14th Street/6th Avenue station with FML (“fuck my life”) signs.


The new routes take effect June 27, but new subway maps are already up in some stations, including Atlantic Avenue/Pacific Street in Brooklyn.

What’s new about the map? The most obvious change is that the color of the land has been adjusted from beige to an earthy khaki color. The designers have tried to make the map simpler, eliminating some confusing and seldom-used information about bus connections and which lines operate at which hours.

Here’s the new map:

Of the changes, the only one I don’t like is the addition of solid grey shadows behind the subway lines.

New map:

Old map:

Another weird change I noticed is the the new map drops the name of the designer, Michael Hertz Associates, from the copyright line.

New map:

Old map: