23 Feb 2008 3:43 am   //   Filed under: Photos, Weather

Snow fails to shut down the city — this time

Snow at Astor Place subway and the Mud Truck in New York City

Astor Place, at 8th and Lafayette, 22 Feb 2008

Animals know when the weather is about to change. While I was walking in my neighborhood Thursday night, I saw a skunk and a raccoon. I have only seen a raccoon once before around here, and skunks are so rare in Brooklyn that I have never seen one.

Were they out stocking up for the storm? The snow began falling overnight and left a fluffy coat on everything by Friday morning. By midday Friday, the snow had turned to sleet and rain, and promised to turn into ice overnight. Still, it was our first significant snow this winter.

By chance I am off super early to go skiing today, chaperoning the church youth group on a trip to Windham.