7 Aug 2010 3:09 pm   //   Filed under: Transit

More reasons the NYC Subway is better than the DC Metro

Here’s some of the reader feedback from my Wednesday post pitting the New York City Subway against the Washington Metro. (Hey, they started it!).

Theano (via Facebook):

1. not only do people get arrested for eating candy on the metro but they get tickets for carrying their Starbucks cup down the escalator while looking for a trash can to throw it out.
2. bench seating on the subway beats the two-seaters on the metro
3. the metro conductors sometimes have to start/stop and inch their way up to platform the train
4. some of those escalators are just too damn steep for anyone with a fear of heights
5. and…the zone system (just as annoying as having to swipe your ticket to get out)


-NYers don’t have to worry about the escaloator breaking down because, well, we don’t have many and our subways aren’t that deep anyway.


Where else can you hear a Jehovah Witness trying to convert someone but instead gets a talking to about how to not limit their definition of God and Jesus? Honestly–I took notes, and the lady across the aisle from me gave me the smiling look of “I was listening too” look and wasn’t that fun–without saying a word.