22 Aug 2010 10:12 pm   //   Filed under: Bicycles

Today’s bike ride: I’m with Lance

I’m kinda exhausted after spending the day riding 100 miles through eastern Pennsylvania as part of the Livestrong Challenge Philly bike ride. This event raised over $3 million to fight cancer, including $1,310 from my friends and family. I was riding in memory of my mom, who died of stomach cancer in 2007, and in support of my friend Liz, a cancer survivor. This was a very hard ride due to hills and difficult weather, but also deeply gratifying.

Personal thank-you’s are coming soon. First I want to share a few photos and a map.

Me and my friend Liz, a lung cancer surviver. Liz rode 70 miles today, because she is that awesome.

Here’s Lance Armstrong. I thought it was so cool that he did the ride with the rest of us.

The weather was lousy. Small gaps of sun interrupted by torrential rain.

Here’s me taking a break during a rare moment of sun.

My feet, after the ride.

And here’s the map. You’ll notice some gaps, which seem to be places where my cell phone was unable to transmit my location. I think that accounts for why the total mileage clocks in at less than 100. Trust me, it was 100, and it felt like 100.

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