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Today’s bike ride: Bike MS 2010

Today I rode 100 miles in the annual Bike MS NYC ride. This is a very popular ride (as you can see above) and was especially challenging this year.

I ride in honor of my stepmom Joanne, who has MS. Thanks to those of you who gave to the National MS Society in support of this ride! I realize I’ve been doing a lot of charity rides this year, so I didn’t campaign hard for this one. If you didn’t get a chance to give to this one, I’ll hit you up in the spring to donate to the Bike MS Chesapeake Challenge.

This is the same ride I did last October, but this year they changed the course. It got a lot harder! Last year all the riders opened with a fast, flat, traffic-free 30-mile loop around Manhattan; this year (for reasons of scheduling traffic through the Lincoln Tunnel) the 50- and 100-mile riders skipped the Manhattan portion of the ride and rode directly to New Jersey through the tunnel. The 100-mile course then rolled over a lot of hills almost all the way to Bear Mountain. It was also windy and a little brisk. Furthermore, I apparently ran over something sharp and punctured my rear tire around Nyack about 1/3 of the way through the ride. I was able to change the tube without any trouble, but it slowed me down. This was a tough ride, but I finished and I had a good time doing it! Here are a few more photos and a map of the route.

The ride started by the cruise ship terminal.

What’s the hold up?

One of the rest stops.

And here’s the map:

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Total distance: 120.4 miles
High/low temperature in Central Park: 63/50
Maximum speed: 34.7 mph
Average speed (including stops): 9.9 mph
Money raised for the National MS Foundation: $572