17 Aug 2008 2:43 pm   //   Filed under: In the news

Old vs. New

I watched yesterday’s presidential candidate forum with interest. Obama and McCain took questions from the Rev. Rick Warren about their beliefs. Here’s what I heard:

  • Obama: Christ’s love compels us to help those less fortunate.
  • McCain: With God’s help, we must defeat evil.

Fascinating! We have a New Testament candidate and an Old Testament candidate!

Reading between the lines, Obama’s message is that he’ll use our government to build things and help the poor and the sick. McCain’s message is that we’ve got to keep killing those bastards who attacked us seven years ago!

That’s my takeaway. I have a hunch most swing voters won’t hear those messages. They’ll hear: Obama is pro-choice, Obama will raise taxes, better vote for the other guy. Never mind that fighting a war not only destroys human life, it inevitably means higher taxes.

Finally, I’ve noticed that Rick Warren seems like a genuinely good man who is in love with himself. He’s ripe for a John-Edwardsian scandal!