24 Aug 2008 2:49 pm   //   Filed under: Brooklyn

To another 232 years

On August 27, 1776, one of the first major engagements of the Revolutionary War took place on the hill where my apartment now stands. Earlier today I walked up to the top of Battle Hill in the Green-Wood Cemetery to survey the scene on this anniversary weekend. The cemetery was filled with history buffs, community groups and spectators commemorating the Battle of Long Island.  As I type this with my windows open, I can hear gunfire as the reenactors fire their rifles.

In some ways, Brooklyn still represents the early idea of America – A place of hard-working immigrants and other wanderers who came to chase an idea, follow some dream, scratch an itch, or march out of step. This bizarre experiment owes its existence to the thinkers and writers who advanced democracy, and the revolutionaries who fought that war.

Lots more info about the battle, including a good map, at the Old Stone House site.