28 Aug 2008 7:30 am   //   Filed under: TV, Typography

Mad Men: Back to the Futura

I enjoy the show “Mad Men” (though I’ve missed the last few episodes, so no spoilers please). One thing that’s intriguing about the show is its attention to detail, with sets meticulously reconstructed to resemble offices and homes in 1960s New York. Every hair is in place.

But Andrew Hearst on the Panopticist blog has noticed that the wheels fall off during the ending credits – which are set in Arial! He does a better job than I can explaining why this is a crime against art:

“This is obviously a small detail. But Mad Men is a show that matches small details as well as any series that’s ever been on the air. Why does such a pitch-perfect show end with such a jarring anachronism?”

Come to think of it, the ending credits of most good shows are usually boring and slap-dash. I wonder why?