27 Feb 2008 8:19 am   //   Filed under: Brooklyn, Food & drink

Provolone? Are they serious??

Domino’s Brooklyn Pizza

Seen here is how Domino’s Pizza is promoting its latest product – “The Brklyn,” a thin-crust pizza with pepperoni and provolone cheese. Yes, provolone. This campaign is actually running in the New York market, where we have access to the best pizza shops in the world.

Domino’s used a similar gimmick about two years ago with its stereotype-fueled “Brooklyn Style Pizza” campaign (which prompted Marty Markowitz to declare, “Domino’s is about as Brooklyn as Sara Lee Cheesecake is Junior’s”).

The concept of “Brooklyn” must be good for selling pizzas, but it doesn’t make any sense. Pizzas in New York vary from shop to shop, and some of the best shops are in Brooklyn, but there’s nothing that distinguishes Brooklyn pizza from Manhattan pizza.