7 Nov 2008 12:34 pm   //   Filed under: In the news, Media

Historic newspapers, good and bad

Obama New York Times Front Page

I got a Wednesday Times and you can’t have it! People are bidding $50 for them on eBay.

Thinking about the fact that a black guy just won the presidency, nerds are back in charge of the executive branch, and newspapers are suddenly cool again, it seemed a good time to leaf through my box of important front pages. See below…

War in Iraq Front Page

Even then, this war never seemed like a good idea.

The most remarkable thing about this paper was that the News managed to produce, publish and distribute it during a city-wide power outage.

Space Shuttle Colombia Front Page

Tragic. A brilliant front page.

Daily News Sago West Virginia Miners Alive Mistake

The worst deadline blunder in recent memory. All of the miners were dead.

USA Today 9/11 Front Page

An alternate USA Today headline might have been ‘HOLY F***!’

Carlisle Sentinel 9/11 Front Page

Yeah, that West Nile virus was scary stuff.