14 Nov 2008 8:49 am   //   Filed under: Technology

Help: Cell phone advice

These days, a mobile phone is a deeply personal item. I carry mine with me everywhere I go. It is part of my identity. True, as a superficial object it can never be a source of true happiness. But let’s face it, it’s nice to have a good phone. I’ve had four phones in my life, and the best one was a miniature Panasonic GD51 GD55 I got at some sketchy shop in the West Village that imports phones from Asia. Friends called it my Zoolander phone. Regrettably, it was stolen by some theiving punks. Now I use a Motorola PEBL, which is bad at everything it does and has an interface so bewildering it must have been designed either by idiots or rocket scientists. When I’m in a bad mood, my cell phone makes me feel worse.

My two-year contract with T-Mobile is up, so I can get a new phone at a steep discount from any service provider. The array of choices has left me bewildered. Here are my conditions:

  • First, since I travel, I want a quad-band world phone. I think that rules out every provider except T-Mobile and AT&T.
  • Second, no smart phone. I refuse to pay for a data plan. Sorry Apple, sorry Blackberry.
  • Third, I swear to you I will never buy another Motorola product as long as I walk this Earth.
  • Fourth, I like small, light phones that look sharp and are easy to use. I don’t really give a care about a camera or a music player.
  • Fifth, I’m not gonna pay a lot for this muffler. That means the phone should be free or in the neighborhood of $50.

Right now I’m eyeing the Samsung Blast, but at this point in the buying process, I am highly succeptable susceptible to persuasion. Any suggestions?