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Mon 4 Aug 2008 11:46 am   //   Posted in: Art, Videos

What I did this weekend


Sun 13 Jul 2008 6:25 pm   //   Posted in: Art, Bicycles, Brooklyn

A mighty fine day for a bike ride

Waterfall Williamsburg Bridge

One of the Waterfalls, seen from the Manhattan Bridge bike lane.

Ikea Ferry

Heading home via the free Water Taxi to the Brooklyn Ikea.

Sun 22 Jun 2008 8:00 am   //   Posted in: Art, Bicycles, Planet earth, Transit

Haunted by ghost bikes

Ghost Bike

You’ve heard of ghost bikes? They’re the work of a street art collective that collects scrap bikes, paints them white, and chains them up on city streets where cyclists have died in traffic accidents. They’re comparable to the wooden crosses you sometimes see by highways. Usually, ghost bikes are accompanied by a sign with the cyclist’s name and some other basic facts (“Killed by SUV”). I’m a longtime bike commuter and support almost any activity that makes the streets safer. Do I have an opinion about ghost bikes? You bet.

  1. Doesn’t work for me as art. Too literal.
  2. Ghost bikes clog our sidewalks with mechanical junk. It’s an ugly way to memorialize someone.
  3. This is not a politically smart way to support cycling. The people installing these bikes are portraying biking as some kind of underdog subculture fraught with danger. The use of street art reinforces the stereotype that the “bike community” is an insular group of self-righteous freegan hipsters.
  4. In fact, bike transportation is and should be mainstream. As one example, around Sunset Park I’ve noticed a lot of new immigrants have begun using bikes to get around. These guys on their Huffy’s work harder than anybody, keep our city running, consume zero gasoline, and don’t give a crap about ghost bikes.

I am a safe biker and have no plans to challenge any bigger vehicles any time soon. However, if one day I get smooshed by a sanitation truck, do not put up a ghost bike for me! I swear, my real ghost will torment you!

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Over and out from Chalottesville

My posts for work from the photo festival here:

James Nachtwey Opens Up At LOOK3 Festival
LOOK3 Video: Publishing Multimedia
LOOK3 Video: Sam Abell Discusses Richard Prince
LOOK3 Video: Joel-Peter Witkin

Wed 4 Jun 2008 7:36 am   //   Posted in: Art, Brooklyn, Technology

Hello London, Brooklyn calling

One way to judge a piece of art is to consider how it makes you feel. Let’s check out the Telectroscope. This public art installation/gee-whiz gadget is on display in two cities, Brooklyn and London, through June 15.

The lens of each Telectroscope displays a live video picture of the people gazing into the other one. One is aimed at the Tower Bridge (from the south side of the Thames), one at the Brooklyn Bridge (from the Fulton Ferry Landing). Artist Paul St George has developed a whole story, a fake history, explaining his creation.


Tue 3 Jun 2008 9:00 am   //   Posted in: Art

Best and worst sports logos

Recently I was talking with my coworkers about the best and worst sports logos. (The web site is a great resource for this conversation.)

I have long thought the best logo in sports belongs to the Pittsburgh Steelers:

According to the American Iron and Steel Institute, the logo represents “the three materials used to produce steel: yellow for coal; orange for iron ore; and blue for steel scrap.”

Meanwhile, the worst professional sports logo is the Cleveland Indians logo:

Can you imagine a design lampooning any other ethnic group and still being commercially viable in 2008? No excuse for this. (And yeah, the Fighting Irish is also bad.)

On the subject of bad logos, my coworker Darren mentioned the Columbus Crew soccer team:

If there’s a worse logo than this one, I don’t want to see it.

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Two more photo festival videos

Video 4:

Video 5:

Fri 16 May 2008 12:22 pm   //   Posted in: Art, Brooklyn, Videos

Video from the New York Photo Festival

Now usually I don’t do this. But I’m trying something new at work: Video. These clips are shot with a crew of one (me) on inexpensive video equipment (a Canon FS100 digital camcorder) and consumer-grade editing software (iMovie). It’s a start.

Below are links to some videos I recorded Wednesday and Thursday at the New York Photo Festival in Brooklyn. Feel free to poke fun as I channel my inner Kurt Loder.

Video: Lesley A. Martin at NYPH
Video: Tim Barber at NYPH
Video: Kathy Ryan and Simon Norfolk at NYPH

Mon 12 May 2008 7:34 am   //   Posted in: Art

Cool map exhibition in Baltimore

On Saturday, I was in Baltimore and went to the Walters Art Museum with my brother, my dad and my friend Tim.

The temporary exhibition at the Walters is a show on historic maps. It might now sound like much of a show, but it’s the big art event right now in Baltimore, and it’s worth all the hype. If you’re interested in geography, design, and the graphical representation of information, you should find a reason to get to Maryland and see it.

More information on the exhibit and the Baltimore Festival of Maps.

Wed 7 May 2008 8:20 am   //   Posted in: Art, New York is different

Soon this will be a waterfall

East River Waterfall New York Art Installation by Olafur Eliasson

I’m anxious for them to throw the switch on the New York City Waterfalls art installation. Artist Olafur Eliasson has designed four towers that will pump water up and let it cascade back down into the East River. The water will begin falling in late June.

The photo above shows one the waterfall towers on a pier, seen looking north from the Manhattan Bridge bike path (photographed in April). The other towers are located under the Brooklyn Bridge (Brooklyn side), below the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, and Governors Island.