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Sun 23 May 2010 8:12 pm   //   Posted in: Bicycles, Photos

Photos from my Bike MS ride

I’ve just returned from the Bike MS Chesapeake Challenge in Chestertown, Maryland. My family’s team rode for Joanne, my stepmom, who has MS. As a team of five, we collected 101 gifts for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, for a grand total of $5,360!

As the most obsessive cyclist on my family’s team, I rode a century the first day and 50 miles the second day. The rest of the team rode 30 miles the first day and 30 the second, though Gerritt joined me on the 50-mile route Sunday. Together we rode a total of 410 miles.

The challenge ride/walk was staffed by dozens of spirited volunteers, who made the event a great experience. The routes took us across the undulating farmland of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The flat, straight, low-traffic roads gave us a chance to really open up and fly. I had a great time riding and feel glad to have raised a significant chunk of change to support MS research and support programs.

Some photos follow. Gerritt has more on his Flickr page.

The starting line on Sunday.


Sat 17 Apr 2010 5:37 pm   //   Posted in: Holga, Photos, Travel

Toy camera photos of Vegas

I shot my first 2 rolls of film with a Diana+ camera earlier this week in Las Vegas. I’m still getting the hang of it, but here’s a selection of shots that turned out.

Planet Hollywood, double exposure


Sat 3 Apr 2010 11:49 am   //   Posted in: Brooklyn, New York is different, Photos

Lutheran Halal Cafe

This is real. Only in Brooklyn!

Mon 22 Feb 2010 10:45 pm   //   Posted in: Brooklyn, Holga, Photos

Six Holga photos of Brooklyn in winter

Williamsburgh Savings Bank Building (a.k.a. One Hanson Place), downtown


Fri 5 Feb 2010 8:24 pm   //   Posted in: Photos, Planet earth, Travel

Memories of Centralia, Pennsylvania, 2002

Centralia is back in the news today thanks to an AP story about the star-crossed Pennsylvania town’s last days: “Few remain as 1962 Pa. coal town fire still burns.”

I was briefly fascinated with Centralia when I lived in Pennsylvania. I drove there one Saturday to gawk at the smoldering streets take some pictures of the desolate place. I think these muddy old digital camera shots actually do a good job of reflecting the town’s atmosphere of unease and sadness. Here’s a post I published on my blog in 2002, with more pictures below:


Thu 19 Nov 2009 7:32 pm   //   Posted in: Art, New York is different, Photos

Jeanne-Claude, 1935-2009





Photos from Central Park, February 2005. More about Jeanne-Claude.

Mon 16 Nov 2009 9:55 pm   //   Posted in: No right to be good, Photos, TV commericals

Poetry in advertising

It’s been a so-so year for TV commercials, but this Levi’s ad is insanely great.


Sun 1 Nov 2009 8:15 am   //   Posted in: Brooklyn, New York is different, Photos

I love this picture


I recently worked on a booklet to commemorate my church’s 150th anniversary. While looking through some old stuff, we found this picture. We’re pretty sure it shows members of the congregation cleaning up after a fire seriously damaged the building in 1955. I can’t stop looking at it.

I don’t know what kind of camera was in use in 1955, but this photograph was printed wide; this scan is not cropped. The photographer focused on the four people in the middle ground, who are well illuminated by a flash. The two women on the left paused to look at the photographer, the two men on the right did not, and the man in the middle looks undecided.

These five earnest, concerned young adults wouldn’t look out of place in our neighborhood 54 years later. (With slight—but only slight!—wardrobe changes.) I love how Brooklyn can be such a “now” place, yet still be built on the hard work and history of people who came before us. We live in the same apartments they lived in, we wait on the same subway platforms they stood on, and we worship in the same buildings they worshiped in. Their ghosts are among us.

Sun 25 Oct 2009 7:56 pm   //   Posted in: Bicycles, Brooklyn, Photos, Travel

Abandoned hangars at Floyd Bennett Field

This afternoon I took one of my favorite bike rides—following the Belt Parkway out to Floyd Bennett Field, the decommissioned airport in Brooklyn. There’s a lot of stuff out there in a state of beautiful decay. Three pictures:



Tue 18 Aug 2009 12:27 am   //   Posted in: Photos, Travel

Photos from my vacation in Brazil

Just posted: A photo gallery from my trip to Rio de Janeiro. I’ll be writing more about this later this week, but pictures first. Enjoy!