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Wed 3 Dec 2008 8:20 am   //   Posted in: Hard times, Media

Don’t panic

It seems December 2008 will be a month of layoffs, cutbacks and shutdowns in many industries. This sucks.

Hard times demand good information. Unfortunately, a downturn cultivates misinformation like a petri dish grows mold. There are two reasons for this. First, a tiny spark of panic will ignite a total breakdown of common sense. Desperate for direction, people will believe almost anything. (Aside: Now would be a great time to start a cult.) And second, the people who actually know what’s going on will get very quiet. Wouldn’t you? For the next few months, you’ll hear a lot of false reports in the news (or more likely, on blogs), and no voice of authority will speak up to knock them down.

My job is going to get harder, and so is that of every business journalist. Be careful about what you believe in the next few months as we all try to find our way out of this mess.

Tue 2 Dec 2008 8:22 am   //   Posted in: TV commericals

Do not eat

TV commercial for Swedish Fish by JWT, New York. (Higher quality version and full credits here.)

Mon 1 Dec 2008 7:25 am   //   Posted in: Music


A highlight from the holiday weekend was seeing They Might Be Giants perform their entire Flood album at the 9:30 Club in D.C. Friday. (“It’s a brand new record! For 1990!”)

Here’s the thing about rock concerts: They aren’t very much fun. Concert venues treat fans like cattle. The lines are long, the tickets expensive, the beer warm. Usually you have to stand up for three straight hours. Depending on the crowd, there’s probably somebody right in front of you who is so annoying they distract from the rest of the show. It’s hard to see the stage. Occasionally the volume is painfully loud, or there’s a light shining in your eyes. Bathrooms are a disaster. Parking is a joke.

But when you leave, you forget about these things. You remember the music. And the friends you were with. And the rocking out. And how fantastic it was to watch a band play that song that you’ve listened to 65 times on your iPod.