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Sun 25 Apr 2010 8:32 pm   //   Posted in: New York is different

Why aren’t people going to the Rockefeller Center roof deck?

It was a banner Saturday in New York. Sunny skies. With my dad and stepmom visiting from Maryland, we set out to see the city. Down at the Battery, a massive line of people waiting for the Statue of Liberty ferries snaked around Castle Clinton. In Times Square, tourists bumped and jostled for space on the new Broadway pedestrian mall.

But at the Top of the Rock—nobody.

Top of the Rock view


Sat 17 Apr 2010 5:37 pm   //   Posted in: Holga, Photos, Travel

Toy camera photos of Vegas

I shot my first 2 rolls of film with a Diana+ camera earlier this week in Las Vegas. I’m still getting the hang of it, but here’s a selection of shots that turned out.

Planet Hollywood, double exposure


Mon 12 Apr 2010 8:00 am   //   Posted in: Music, Videos


I’m flying to Las Vegas today for a conference. It’s been 10 years since the last time I was there. I expect the experience to be much like this video:

Related: I found a post about Las Vegas from 2000, when I stopped there for one night with my friends Tim, Brian and Ryan on our cross-country road trip. During the trip, we were posting real-time, text-only updates on a web site using a little hand-held gizmo called a Philips Velo 1. The device had to plug into a phone line, which then e-mailed my PowerMac back at the university, which then posted our updates on a rudimentary web server I set up. This was pre-blogging. Rather than gambling and gallivanting, we went driving around Vegas looking for a Kinkos. Good times.

Sun 11 Apr 2010 7:16 pm   //   Posted in: Food & drink, No right to be good

How to design a mint tin

I bought these mints in the dollar store just because I thought the packaging was so cool.

They’re tasty little mints, too. (Too bad Great Bite’s web site is less persuasive than their tins. What sort of candy company lists “Food Safety and Social Compliance audits by internationally recognised companies” as a callout?)

Fri 9 Apr 2010 7:15 am   //   Posted in: Media, Technology

Two articles every writer should read

A newspaper editor friend recently asked me for advice on keeping up with the latest online jargon.

First, I suggested he use the phrase “location-based social networking” at every opportunity. And second, I recommended he read two articles. Here are links to the two articles and why I recommended each one. (more…)

Wed 7 Apr 2010 8:00 am   //   Posted in: Food & drink, TV commericals

Burger King’s riskiest commercial

I love this Burger King commercial, in which The King breaks into McDonald’s headquarters to steal their idea for the Sausage McMuffin sandwich.

The problem is that this commercial reaches the wrong demographic. This is fast food breakfast. It should look like a Denny’s commercial. Instead, the ad agency is using edgy humor to appeal to young adult males like me. I would rather go hungry than order an egg sandwich from Burger King. The commercial won’t change my mind, but it made me laugh!

Mon 5 Apr 2010 7:55 am   //   Posted in: Technology

What this web site looked like in 1997

Time to take a nostalgia trip! I thought it would be interesting to re-post the first web site I ever built. Back in 1995, I had an extremely basic America Online home page. Alas, those files were lost long ago on the hard drive of my dad’s 486 Pentium. However, I do have copies of almost everything from August 1997 onward.

Here’s what my site looked like in August 1997.

And here’s my site in August 1998.


Sat 3 Apr 2010 11:49 am   //   Posted in: Brooklyn, New York is different, Photos

Lutheran Halal Cafe

This is real. Only in Brooklyn!