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How to make a 9/11 ad

It seems weird that the National September 11 Memorial & Museum is begging for money. But at least they’re doing it in a reasonably tasteful way.

If you’re going to make a 9/11-related ad campaign, here’s the secret recipe that seems to work:

  • Get people affected by the tragedy to stand against a neutral background and say a phrase directly into the camera.
  • Play serious, quiet, vaguely patriotic music.
  • Edit with slow pans, zooms and cross-fades.
  • Add a celebrity or two as desired.

As a textbook example, here’s a video of one of several PSA’s produced by the 9/11 Memorial and the Ad Council:

When you’re handling something this sensitive, there’s really no better way to do it.

It feels tacky to be asking people to give money to a memorial, especially one that will eventually be attached to an admission-charging museum. But at least this organization is legit. As the Associated Press reported recently, many 9/11 charities are basically scams, raising money and delivering nothing. This memorial is the real deal. We’ll see how well it lives up to its mission when it opens next month.

See more commercials and read more about this campaign.

Who created these ads?

Spark Productions, New York

Who signed off on them?

Joe Daniels, president and CEO of the National September 11 Memorial & Museum

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