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A few good reads

From various sites around the web, here are some worthwhile articles for copywriters.

AP’s approval of ‘hopefully’ symbolizes larger debate over language” by Monica Hesse, The Washington Post.

The language arbiters at the Associated Press recently affirmed that “hopefully” can be used to mean “it is hoped” or “we hope.” This is in contrast to its purer form, reserved as an adverb indicating that some action is being done in a hopeful manner. “This is no joking matter,” writes Hesse, who finds supporters and detractors of this evolution of English.

Olympics 2012: branding ‘police’ to protect sponsors’ exclusive rights” by Esther Addley, The Guardian.

The intellectual property guardians of the Olympic Games are on the lookout for any unauthorized commercial use of the Olympics. Accordingly, if you’re a non-sponsor, you might invite legal action if you use phrases like “Games, Two Thousand and Twelve, 2012, Twenty-Twelve” to signal an association with the Olympics.

Rather interesting” by Orin Hargraves, Macmillan Dictionary blog.

Hargraves identifies one of the finer nuances between American and British English: How we use the modifiers pretty, rather and quite.

10 great copywriters’ blogs (That avoid the subject of copywriting)” by John Fountain, the Creativepool Blog.

Fountain finds some good blogs helmed by copywriters. Quite a few I didn’t know about, so you might find this post illuminating too.

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