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Meetings: The show!

The Pitch

Let’s discuss that AMC show about advertising. No, the other one!

I’m talking about “The Pitch,” a reality-style show about ad creative. The show premieres Monday, April 30, and in advance AMC has posted the first episode online for free.

Episode 1 follows McKinney and WDCW as they compete for the Subway breakfast account. You get to watch creative directors, copywriters, and art directors hold brainstorming sessions, pitch ideas, and go about their day-to-day. Dramatic music telegraphs their emotional ups and downs throughout.

The show opens with the promise that lives and careers are at stake. “This world is not kind to advertising agencies,” intones Tracy Wong of WDCW.

Then the episode unfolds, and it’s a show about office work. People use computers. They hold meetings in conference rooms. The go around the table and share their ideas. I found it all compelling to watch, because it’s fun to spy on other people who do what I do. I doubt the average viewer would find the mechanics of the ad business so fascinating.

How true to life is it? This show is obviously edited for time and entertainment value, but I found it credible. Mostly, the ad people come across as fully self-aware, trying to make their performances as positive as possible for their careers and their agencies.

As reality TV goes, these characters are too professional and put-together to be memorable. There’s no Mad Men-style debauchery. Just a lot of bleeped-out swearing.

And there’s also not that much risk. Sure, only one agency is going to win Subway. But the losers just go back to the office and pitch to someone else. This is a bunch of well-heeled people with comfortable offices and travel budgets. Click over to Deadliest Catch and then tell me the world is not kind to advertising agencies.

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Advertising, Television

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