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EXCLUSIVE! I can see your Weiner

New York Post and Daily News tabloid newspaper headlines: Weiner's Pickle, Weiner Exposed

A wise, gray newspaper editor once gave me this advice about writing: “Don’t make fun of people’s names. It’s too easy, and it’s not fair.” I plead an exception for Anthony Weiner.

You know the story already. Rep. Weiner (previously mentioned on this blog in the context of angry congressmen) probably tweeted a picture of his bulging underwear on his public Twitter feed. It’s the kind of goof that can happen if you’re a busy person juggling multiple Twitter accounts—and if you’re a man who mistakenly believes women find it hot when you sext pictures of your junk. Then he claimed he’d been hacked, presumably to spare himself embarrassment and preserve his marriage.

This might have been a non-story, until Weiner gave a series of TV interviews about the picture (WHY?!) and it became clear he was lying about something. And so we have a political sex scandal entering its sixth day. It’s on the front page of both New York tabloids today (above). As I write this, I have the CBS Early Show on TV, and they have mentioned this at least 4 times in the last hour (including local news cut-ins). The network just devoted 5 solid minutes of airtime to this guy’s dick.

It’s summer, and this is a lot more fun than the debt ceiling.

On the Internet, bloggers who excel at social media forensics are on fire.

Hmm. I considered making this a post analyzing the importance of good social media practices in political communications, marveling about how any citizen can access primary sources to conduct their own journalistic investigation, and concluding with a bulleted list of sweeping generalizations about Twitter and public relations.

Then a wave of shame washed over me. This is not what we were put on this earth to do.

We were put on earth to make fun of men named Weiner. That guy! His name means penis! Let’s face it, if this happened to any other congressperson, nobody would care.

Well, except for… Rep. Boehner (Ohio), Sen. Boxer (California), Sen. Corker (Tennessee), Rep. Dicks (Washington), Rep. Cummings (Maryland), Rep. Peters (Michigan), Reps. Bishop (there are 3 of them), and Reps. and Sens. Johnson (7 of them).

You are on notice, all of you: Get involved in anything remotely sexual and we will make fun of your names. All politics is middle school.

* * * *

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