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Hulu takes it back to 1996

My favorite April Fools’ Day gag so far today comes from Hulu, which re-skinned their home page with TV programming from 1996, complete with an old-school 1996 design. “Murder One,” anybody?

Hulu April Fools Joke 2011 1996
(Click for a full size version. The other shows in the rotator are “The X-Files,” “NewsRadio,” and “Sliders.”)

* * * *

The 1990s seem to be a theme in this year’s crop of tech April Fools’ jokes. There’s an edge to this humor, as everyone in tech is mindful of the 1999 crash, and whether another bubble is about to pop.

* * * *

Google AdWords announced a series of “old school” templates for Display Ad Builder, with horrible, discredited ad strategies from “the glory days in the late 1990s and 2000s.” (All that’s required is a “basic working knowledge of Fortran.”)

* * * *

Google also implemented a hack where if you do a Google search for Helvetica in your browser, it displays the results in everyone’s favorite 1990s Windows font, Comic Sans.

* * * *

YouTube has traveled even further back, adding a “1911” button that applies an old-timey filter to any video. This produces some interesting results…

Rebecca Black Friday YouTube 1911

* * * *

Maybe we make fun of the past because we fear we’re doomed to repeat it.

* * * *

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— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Advertising

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