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Bud Light’s imaginary smartphone app

I hate to use the word “zeitgeist” first thing on a Monday morning, but sometimes it’s necessary. Here’s a Bud Light commercial that’s been airing during the NCAA basketball championship that owns the zeitgeist.

The premise is simple: A guy has a smartphone with an app that magically pours beer. As he goes around a party pouring beer for everyone (drawing a “Nice app” compliment from a cute girl), we see another dude with an older flip phone. “I gotta get a new phone,” he says.

Welcome to every party since 2008. The “app” in this ad reminds me of iBeer, an early mobile app that used the accelerometers in the iPhone to make it look like the phone was filled with beer. Were you ever at a party where somebody used iBeer to show off their new iPhone? It plays out just like this. Minus all the free beer.

But this commercial wouldn’t have been funny in 2008, when iPhones were carried mainly by rich kids and geeky people who work in media. Now they’re mainstream enough to be a joke in a beer commercial. Bud Light calls it: You’ve got to get a new phone.

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Who’s responsible for this ad?

Probably Bud Light’s main ad agency, DDB Chicago, under VP Group Creative Director Mark Gross. Not sure. (See comment below.)

Who signed off on it?

Probably Mike Sundet, senior director, Bud Light, at Anheuser-Busch.

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  1. B says:

    This spot was created by McgarryBowen Chicago.

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