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Budweiser: Go Yankees! Also: Go Mets!

Look closely at the Budweiser ads in the New York City subway and you’ll see the hardest-working athletes in baseball. The same two guys are fielding for both the Yankees and the Mets!

Budweiser Grab Some Buds Yankees Ad

Budweiser Grab Some Buds Mets Ad

Budweiser is using the same models as Yankees in one ad and Mets in another. How serious a problem is this? One one hand, sports fans know Budweiser is a national brand, and expect beer companies to run home-team ads in every market. Nothing wrong with a little Photoshop, right?

On the other hand, running these ads away from the stadiums is pretty risky. New Yorkers are going to notice both ads. In sports, playing both sides isn’t seen as polite or diplomatic. It’s unseemly.

At least the art directors went to the trouble to retouch the stadium in the background for realism. Here’s an animated GIF comparing the two ads:

Budweiser baseball ad animated GIF

Who’s responsible for these ads?

Not sure, but it could be Anomaly, who launched the “Grab some Buds” campaign last year. That campaign is supervised by Keith Levy, vice president of marketing at Anheuser-Busch InBev.


— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Advertising

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  1. ignatzz says:

    Forgot that. How gay is this campaign? “Grab some buds.” There are three different pictures, and everyone shows one guy’s hand and another guy’s ass.

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