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The Cars.com head is growing on me

When I first saw the Cars.com Super Bowl ad featuring the singing head, I was weirded out. But after I watched it a few times, I started to get attached to it. See what you think:

I like it for 4 reasons.

1) It’s just good-old gosh-darn silly. Everybody can laugh at it.
2) You don’t actually see the car, so you have to imagine it’s something great. All you see is how the man feels about buying it.
3) It clearly enunciates a product benefit: You’ll feel good about buying a car if you do your research first using this service.
4) It was probably tempting to make the personification of “Confidence” into a macho, aggressive character. Instead confidence is just happy, singing, and unselfconscious. Nice.

And the creepiness of it — Is it supposed to be phallic? A co-joined twin? — is offset by that falsetto tune the little head sings. Hey baby I want that car! It’s catchy, and it stays with you. Like a little second head on your shoulder.

The commercial is called “Confident You” and it’s by DDB Chicago. Best spot of the Super Bowl this year? Way too early to say… We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves.

* * * *

Who created this ad?

DDB Chicago

Who signed off on it?

Cars.com vice president of marketing Carolyn Crafts and president Mitch Golub

The spot is set to air in the second quarter, according to a press release.

* * * *

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  1. Faith says:

    I immediately thought Men in Black 2

  2. M Smith says:

    Love it. It’s just really good execution. It’s weird enough to where it gets your attention but ultimately just makes you laugh. It doesn’t try too hard. Just solid all around, an example of a good idea, simple copy and terrific production execution. My attention perks up whenever I see it.

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