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Category: Advertising

How copywriting can turn $13 into $39.90

I saw an amazingly awful ad in one of those coupon circulars in the newspaper recently. It’s so shameless that I couldn’t help be impressed. Let’s pick it apart!

The Cloud… What does it even mean?

Today, the phrase “The Cloud” is showing up in ads with annoying frequency. It’s a trendy buzzword, but nobody seems to agree what it means. Let’s see if we can come up with a definition of “The Cloud.” Then we’ll … Continue reading

Prudential, talking life and death

A Prudential billboard went up near me lately with a terrific line on it. Every time I go past it, it gets me thinking.

How to sell a laptop with stupid copy

Google introduced a new laptop computer yesterday with one of the laziest product callouts I’ve ever seen. It’s fantastic. Let’s take a look at what Google’s hardware copywriters are up to.

Two Super Bowl ads killed by the clock

Advertisers often create both long and short versions of the same commercial. There are sensible reasons for this. Unfortunately problems happen when you try to cram a big, 1-minute concept into half the time. Here are two 2013 Super Bowl … Continue reading

Crate & Barrel’s cool ampersand ads

Crate and Barrel used to be one of those stores that I basically ignored. After all, a single dude can get everything he needs at Target, if not second-hand. Then you blink and suddenly you’re shopping for area rugs and … Continue reading

Best and worst copywriting of 2012

Happy New Year! Here’s my opinionated look at the best and worst of copywriting in 2012.

Coke turns an attack into a benefit

I live in a city with an aggressively pro-health mayor. Bloomberg and the NYC health department are currently waging a war of advertizing with soft drink companies.

The best PSA of all time?

In just three weeks online, an Australian viral video about train safety has earned over 30 million YouTube views, making it an instant classic public service announcement.

Geeky new GE ad stars famous robots

Robots never die. Here’s a new TV spot for GE featuring a parade of famous pop culture robots, lovingly reactivated from film studio storage, or wherever they’ve been all this time. Is it a good commercial? Affirmative!