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Category: Advertising

Sandy ads: Good, bad and ugly

Last week Hurricane Sandy dealt a blow of death, destruction, and disruption. Marketers, of course, wanted in on the action. I saw quite a few ads reacting to the storm—some with greater success than others.

Wishing runners “a strong tailwind.”

Sometimes advertisers are asked to submit special ads for event programs, such as award shows, sports events, or conferences. The challenge is to take an existing brand and apply it to an extremely specific situation. I’ve had to write ads … Continue reading

“Got you covered”

A slangy slogan can make a stodgy company seem hip and cool, right? Unless it goes totally off the rails! Witness: “MetroPlus got you covered.”

10 brands that are out and proud

Can you believe it? We are finally living in an era when you can flip open GQ and see an ad for Ray-Bans featuring two men holding hands.

Flock yeah!

Cape Cod potato chips has a new commercial with an assist from A Flock of Seagulls. The band… and the seagulls. Here’s the commercial you’ve been waiting for since 1982.

Skechers pays the price for sketchy ads

In advertising, you’re allowed to be aggressive, edgy, clever and sneaky. You’re in a war for people’s attention, and a war requires weapons. One weapon you’re not allowed to use, though, is the lie.

Mini newspaper box is too cute

Can tiny things get attention? The Metro newspaper chain in Canada recently deployed a collection of wee newspaper boxes on city streets. News for gnomes? Nope, a clever promotion of the newspaper’s mobile edition.

How to infuriate your boss, and the IOC

On Friday, Young & Rubicam headquarters apologized for a controversial spot by its Buenos Aires office. “We are deeply regretful for the pain this ad has caused,” the agency said. What could have been so painful?

Ashton Kutcher’s Popchips flop (updated)

As soon as I finished watching the new Popchips commercial starring Ashton Kutcher as an Indian man, I thought, “I need to save a copy of this video immediately, because it’s going to be deleted from the Internet fast.” The … Continue reading

America, the ad

Here’s a commercial you won’t see in the United States. It’s the first part of a travel campaign for Brand USA, a.k.a. the Corporation for Travel Promotion, a quasi-public agency Congress created in 2010 to promote U.S. tourism. Wait, America … Continue reading