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Ashton Kutcher’s Popchips flop (updated)

As soon as I finished watching the new Popchips commercial starring Ashton Kutcher as an Indian man, I thought, “I need to save a copy of this video immediately, because it’s going to be deleted from the Internet fast.” The … Continue reading

Milk board abandons “PMS” campaign

This turned sour fast. Facing brutal ridicule and near-universal criticism, the California Milk Processor Board has pulled the “Everything I Do Is Wrong” campaign, in which they pitched milk as a way for men to help women deal with PMS. … Continue reading

The problem with confidence

Confidence is a plain-sounding word that we count on to carry way too much information. Continue reading

Till vs. ’til

Here’s a thing I hate about English: The preposition till means exactly the same thing as until; it indicates something will continue to a particular time. These have historically been two separate words with identical meanings. Many people assume till … Continue reading