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Why I’m not blogging (much) any more

Three years ago, I started Breaking Copy to help myself get more involved in the field of copywriting. I figured it might lead to some freelance and consulting work. I might learn a few things about writing for the Internet. I … Continue reading

5 lines that made me laugh out loud this summer

Once in a while, a phrase catches me off-guard that’s so funny I shoot coffee out my nose. Here are five from the past few months.

A list of posts I wanted to write…

… but couldn’t find the time to finish.

Best and worst copywriting of 2012

Happy New Year! Here’s my opinionated look at the best and worst of copywriting in 2012.

4 dumb ways (and 1 good way) to manage workplace distractions

Working while distracted: It’s dangerous, especially if your job is dealing with creative work. What are some ways to deal with distractions?

Creative work vs. fixing a door

In some ways, moving is like a creative project. It’s made up of many small tasks, most of which are predictable. But you also have to plan for surprises. For example, this damned door.

The new way they sell magazines

How panicky is the magazine industry? Judging by the increasingly crafty methods they’re using to secure subscription renewals, very!

Dreaming bigger

Creative work is full of balancing acts. Do what’s fun, or earn more money? Be your own boss, or have job security with a company? Dedicate yourself to art, or sell out? Unavoidable questions.

Romney campaign caught plagiarizing Obama’s copy

Is the Romney campaign so inept at copywriting that they’re forced to steal words from Obama? Mitt Romney’s campaign was forced to change 3 blocks of copy on its donations website after sharp-eyed readers spotted word-for-word similarities with the Obama … Continue reading

What I did on my summer vacation

Hi! It’s good to be back writing the blog.