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Category: Infographics

How to win at Facebook: Infographic

Need a little help figuring out how to run a successful Facebook page? This infographic will help.

What’s your phone saying about you?

You can tell a lot about people just by the kinds of phones they carry around. Breaking Copy is pleased to present this handy guide on how to judge people based on their phones.

Meant to be together

Happy New Year from Breaking Copy!

Graphic: How to get free stuff

Here’s a friendly reminder that free doesn’t come cheap.

Status conscious? Check out this social media flowchart.

Clever thoughts bubble up constantly, but what’s the right venue for all of them? Now you can consult this handy graphic to help make those hard choices among Google+, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Dilemma solved!

Great moments in infographics (nsfw?)

“Heat stroke” takes on a whole new meaning in this infographic from the July 1 issue of USA Today.

Graphic: 130 years of memorable ad taglines

This is fun. Jim Darlington, a copywriter at BBDO, has assembled a detailed, hand-drawn timeline chronicling classic advertising taglines since the 19th century, from "The Greatest Show on Earth" to "Imported from Detroit." This is part of a series of sketches Darling posts on his blog, When The What? See the full graphic here. (Via AgencySpy.)

Copywriting explained in an infographic

Obligatory: Go read, admire and laugh at this very funny infographic about copywriting by freelance copywriter George Ellis. Bicycle helmet as an accessory? Guilty as charged. Some callouts in the graphic are about southern California, so if you don't get all the jokes, that might be why. Here in New York, for example, copywriters don't drink nearly that much beer at work. We prefer whisky. Via AgencySpy.

Kindle swindle (infographic)

As a writer, I like anything that encourages people to read, especially tablet readers such as the Amazon Kindle. But as a marketing person, I think Amazon’s recent decision to offer an ad-subsidized version of the Kindle is a badly … Continue reading

Infographic: How do you spell Gaddafi?

After all this time, the English-speaking world still cannot agree how to spell the name of Libya’s dictator. Here’s a colorful infographic to help settle the question once and for all.