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If everything is urgent, nothing is urgent

Recently, I noticed something odd about FedEx envelopes. Every single one of them says “Extremely Urgent.”

The Cloud… What does it even mean?

Today, the phrase “The Cloud” is showing up in ads with annoying frequency. It’s a trendy buzzword, but nobody seems to agree what it means. Let’s see if we can come up with a definition of “The Cloud.” Then we’ll … Continue reading

Best and worst copywriting of 2012

Happy New Year! Here’s my opinionated look at the best and worst of copywriting in 2012.

“Got you covered”

A slangy slogan can make a stodgy company seem hip and cool, right? Unless it goes totally off the rails! Witness: “MetroPlus got you covered.”

Talking to people

What a great time in history to be a writer! Likewise, what a worrisome time to be someone gifted in conversation. As communication moves toward text-based computer channels, we (as in, the human race) are gradually drifting away from an … Continue reading

What does “martini” mean anyway?

Prepare to be shaken and stirred. We are witnessing a major change in how people use the word “martini.” Need proof? Here’s a picture of a menu from a nice restaurant in Maryland. A heading at the top reads “MARTINIS.” … Continue reading

The top 16 funniest words in English

Creative Director Ted McCagg recently set out to determine the Best Word Ever using a series of Final Four-style brackets.

When words lose their power

English sure has some great adjectives. Really great ones. Also wonderful, dazzling, extraordinary, wicked cool, keen, fine and sweet ones. After a while, however, these words wear out.

A few good reads

From various sites around the web, here are some worthwhile articles for copywriters.

Word in the news: Slut

“Slut” is a very successful word. Centuries old and one brutal syllable. Sexual, crass, impolite, and almost always used as a weapon to inflict scorn upon women. It’s a grenade: Don’t use it unless you’re sure.