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Yahoo’s new logo and weekend work

Plenty of opinions have been written about the new Yahoo! logo. Personally, I think the most interesting thing about it is something Marissa Mayer, the Yahoo! CEO, wrote on her blog.

Everything on Mashable is a “holy grail”

If I edited Mashable, I’d ban the phrase “holy grail.” Over the last few years, tech writers and the people they quote have used it to describe practically every marketing and technology fad. Behold a cliché out of control:

Data collection vs. real life

If you spend much time online, you’ve probably noticed retargeting marketing is getting smarter and smarter. Visit one site, fill out a form on another site, and suddenly a marketer connects your name to a site you’ve been before. Time … Continue reading

Sandy ads: Good, bad and ugly

Last week Hurricane Sandy dealt a blow of death, destruction, and disruption. Marketers, of course, wanted in on the action. I saw quite a few ads reacting to the storm—some with greater success than others.

Creative work vs. fixing a door

In some ways, moving is like a creative project. It’s made up of many small tasks, most of which are predictable. But you also have to plan for surprises. For example, this damned door.

The new way they sell magazines

How panicky is the magazine industry? Judging by the increasingly crafty methods they’re using to secure subscription renewals, very!

Wishing runners “a strong tailwind.”

Sometimes advertisers are asked to submit special ads for event programs, such as award shows, sports events, or conferences. The challenge is to take an existing brand and apply it to an extremely specific situation. I’ve had to write ads … Continue reading

Dreaming bigger

Creative work is full of balancing acts. Do what’s fun, or earn more money? Be your own boss, or have job security with a company? Dedicate yourself to art, or sell out? Unavoidable questions.

Skechers pays the price for sketchy ads

In advertising, you’re allowed to be aggressive, edgy, clever and sneaky. You’re in a war for people’s attention, and a war requires weapons. One weapon you’re not allowed to use, though, is the lie.

Obama’s gay marriage email pitch

After President Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage, his reelection campaign sent out two fund-raising emails — with two totally different copywriting strategies. Take a look at the messages below.