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Category: Marketing

Obama’s “socialist” new slogan

“Forward.” Recently, Barack Obama began using that single word as a campaign slogan. Now his opponents are using it to brand him as a socialist. Behold the power of a word!

A shrewd survey from Facebook

This morning when I logged in to Facebook, I saw a little box asking me if I wanted to take a survey. I clicked yes. One question really surprised me.

How do you say Mondelēz?

Kraft Foods recently made a stunning announcement: “Kraft Foods Inc. today announced plans to change its corporate name to Mondelez International, Inc.” Say what?!

The invisible Mercedes

German ad agency Jung von Matt and Mercedes-Benz have rigged up an invisible car. Neat stuff. Watch this:

Behold Apple’s new logo treatment

During the unveiling of the new iPad this week, Apple briefly flashed on screen a new treatment of its classic logo. It looks like this:

JCPenney redesigns logo—again

What does it say about a brand if it redesigns its logo twice in a year? They’re nimble? Or they don’t know who or what they are? In the case of JCPenney, unfortunately, I think it’s the latter.

Branding the next president

The Obama 2012 campaign doesn’t have an official slogan yet, but one possible contender is getting some attention: “Change Is.”

The Zappos hack: When not to be cute

This morning I, and apparently 24 million other Zappos customers, received an email telling me my personal information had been hacked. Here’s the email:

Ten foolishly specific predictions for 2012

I started writing this list of media and marketing predictions for 2012 and got scared. What if I was being so specific that none of my predictions would happen? Then I had a thought: Maybe I wasn’t being specific enough!

Old El Paso isn’t fooling anyone

My friend Mike spotted this packet of taco seasoning with an unintentionally funny callout: “Now! Even Better”