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Mister Rogers at the factory

Ten years after his death, Fred Rogers is a social media sensation. It’s chiefly because of a beautiful quote he once said about how to talk to children in a time of crisis.

Filling the silence

Friday was a monumentally depressing day, the kind of day that stays with you for a while. Twenty-seven people dead in Connecticut. As a new week rolled around, those of us on a steady diet of social media saw something … Continue reading

Romney campaign caught plagiarizing Obama’s copy

Is the Romney campaign so inept at copywriting that they’re forced to steal words from Obama? Mitt Romney’s campaign was forced to change 3 blocks of copy on its donations website after sharp-eyed readers spotted word-for-word similarities with the Obama … Continue reading

Mini newspaper box is too cute

Can tiny things get attention? The Metro newspaper chain in Canada recently deployed a collection of wee newspaper boxes on city streets. News for gnomes? Nope, a clever promotion of the newspaper’s mobile edition.

Lincoln, Facebook and journalism

A funny thing happened yesterday involving Facebook, patents and Abraham Lincoln. It’s a good lesson about the difference between blogging, curation and journalism.

A few good reads

From various sites around the web, here are some worthwhile articles for copywriters.

Newsweek’s keen 1965 “Mad Men” issue

The new issue of Newsweek does something very creative. It’s obvious from the cover that there’s a “Mad Men” theme going on. The first clue that something else is amiss: The nameplate on the cover. It’s Newsweek’s 1960s-era logo. 

Liars, and how to spot them

I was had by Mike Daisey. When “This American Life” aired an excerpt from his monologue about working conditions in the Apple factories, I believed every word. I shared it with friends. It was an amazing, thought-provoking angle on modern … Continue reading

Word in the news: Slut

“Slut” is a very successful word. Centuries old and one brutal syllable. Sexual, crass, impolite, and almost always used as a weapon to inflict scorn upon women. It’s a grenade: Don’t use it unless you’re sure.

Associated Press introduces new logo

The Associated Press is updating its branding, replacing a logo in use since 1981. Here’s a look at the old and new AP logos: