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A Penn State coach’s bad book title

A minor footnote in the child abuse horrorshow now claiming careers at Penn State: Coach Jerry Sandusky’s book. It was called “Touched.” Yes, really.

One gutsy front page

From the heart of Nittany Lion country, here’s the front page of today’s Harrisburg Patriot-News. It’s a full-page editorial calling for the president of Penn State to resign and the university to decline to renew Joe Paterno’s contract.

Don’t go into journalism

Dear curious, ambitious journalism student, Do you want to speak truth to power? Do you want to afflict the comfortable? Do you want to rake muck? Then here’s my best advice: Don’t go into journalism.

Occupy, Inc.

You see a revolution. Others see a marketing opportunity. Occupy Wall Street started 37 days ago as a protest against Wall Street greed. Now it’s a tourist trap, complete with souvenir vendors.

Occupied Wall Street Journal, Issue 3

Here it is! The third issue of The Occupied Wall Street journal has hit the streets. You can read it here.

Dirty, filthy, nasty: The media’s OWS bias

You’ve heard about those Occupy Wall Street protesters. They’re filthy, lazy freeloaders. They’re openly using drugs and relieving themselves in public. They’re disrespectful of 9/11. Neighbors are fed up with them. Sounds pretty bad. Except none of that is true.

Top 5 lazy Occupy Wall Street story ideas

If you’ve been following the month-old Occupy Wall Street demonstration, you’ve seen some of the same news stories come up over and over again. Reporters would be smart to avoid these over-done Occupy clichés.

Who coined the phrase “The 99%”?

One of the most popular slogans at the Occupy Wall Street protest is “We are the 99%!” It refers to everyone outside the upper 1% of incomes. The phrase draws attention to the gulf between the rich and poor, and … Continue reading

Ben & Jerry’s supports Occupy Wall St.

Ben & Jerry’s has announced its support for the Occupy Wall Street movement. Is this a sincere gesture of support, a marketing gimmick, or pure hypocrisy? Let’s take a look.

Occupied Wall Street Journal, Issue 2

On Saturday, October 8, the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators in Lower Manhattan handed out the second issue of the Occupied Wall Street Journal.