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Category: Signage

Prudential, talking life and death

A Prudential billboard went up near me lately with a terrific line on it. Every time I go past it, it gets me thinking.

Sandwich shop in disguise

I like the tone and writing of Potbelly, a sandwich shop that’s expanding in New York City. Here’s one of their signs: “Look! A sandwich shop disguised as a construction site.”

There’s inspiration everywhere

In the city, there are so many creative uses of writing that I often find myself stopping to take photos of signs, posters and ads.

The poster art of Occupy Wall Street

Consider how many creative people stand in support of Occupy Wall Street, and it’s no wonder this movement is generating some incredible art. Here are 10 Occupy Wall Street poster designs I think are super cool, followed by some personal … Continue reading

The subway can’t spell Bleecker

Here in New York, the MTA is running a transit poster touting a new subway connection at “Bleeker Street.”

Chicken: Now more disgusting!

Chicken can be really excellent. But I’ve noticed a few fast-food chains that seem intent on making it less appealing than ever. Here’s three of the worst chicken-related marketing pieces I’ve seen lately.

Remembering 9/11 at Ann Taylor Loft

Just in case you were wondering, the Ann Taylor Loft clothing store remembers the lives lost on September 11, 2001.

Local Starbucks offers free coffee on 9/11

A Starbucks in Brooklyn is advertising free coffee on Sunday, 9/11, “a day to come together.” Is this appropriate, or tacky?

“Your choice”

Whoever writes the street signs for Ambler, Pennsylvania did a nice job with this one.

“The lighter side of dark” billboard

This Newcastle billboard is wild. During the day, it doesn’t make any sense. At night, a spotlight creates a shadow illusion of someone reaching for a beer. Here’s a video about how it was made: