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5 lines that made me laugh out loud this summer

Once in a while, a phrase catches me off-guard that’s so funny I shoot coffee out my nose. Here are five from the past few months.

Filling the silence

Friday was a monumentally depressing day, the kind of day that stays with you for a while. Twenty-seven people dead in Connecticut. As a new week rolled around, those of us on a steady diet of social media saw something … Continue reading

How to win at Facebook: Infographic

Need a little help figuring out how to run a successful Facebook page? This infographic will help.

The best PSA of all time?

In just three weeks online, an Australian viral video about train safety has earned over 30 million YouTube views, making it an instant classic public service announcement.

Why Twitter will survive: Television

This summer marked an important pop culture anniversary: It’s been 10 years since the first season of “American Idol.” A decade later, we can see that season wasn’t just a landmark for television. It was also an omen predicting the … Continue reading

10 brands that are out and proud

Can you believe it? We are finally living in an era when you can flip open GQ and see an ad for Ray-Bans featuring two men holding hands.

It’s 2022. What’s Facebook worth?

You’ve probably read a lot lately about Facebook’s IPO and whether the company is really worth $100 billion. What’s Facebook worth? Better question: What will Facebook be worth in 2022?

A shrewd survey from Facebook

This morning when I logged in to Facebook, I saw a little box asking me if I wanted to take a survey. I clicked yes. One question really surprised me.

On gaming the Internet

I once worked with a guy — let’s call him Jim — whom our company hired because he was influential on Digg. He could singlehandedly drive huge volumes of traffic to any website.

Cancer, money and branding

If you work for the Susan G. Komen Foundation’s marketing team, I would love to buy you a coffee and hear the real story of what went on there last week.