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Ten foolishly specific predictions for 2012

I started writing this list of media and marketing predictions for 2012 and got scared. What if I was being so specific that none of my predictions would happen? Then I had a thought: Maybe I wasn’t being specific enough!

The NYPD’s Facebook lesson

You might think, after reading William Glaberson’s story in today’s New York Times, that the NYPD is overrun with racist cops. The police department is in damage control mode after some officers published cruel, unprofessional remarks on Facebook about a … Continue reading

Graphic: How to get free stuff

Here’s a friendly reminder that free doesn’t come cheap.

Will.i.am, social media expert?

Here’s a new word alert! Communiting. It shows up in a bizarre AdAge column this week by Will.i.am of the Black Eyed Peas. The pop star writes:

How to advertise on Facebook

Facebook recently offered me a coupon for their ad service, so I decided to give it a try. Warning: This post contains actual prices, statistics and hard math.

Status conscious? Check out this social media flowchart.

Clever thoughts bubble up constantly, but what’s the right venue for all of them? Now you can consult this handy graphic to help make those hard choices among Google+, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Dilemma solved!

Smile at Jell-O’s “Pudding Face” ads

Jell-O pudding has a new ad campaign, created by Crispin Porter + Bogusky, and it’s delicious. The recipe: Take a simple idea and a strong visual and put it in everything. To kick it off, there are two TV spots.

Status report, month 6

One mission of Breaking Copy is to share knowledge about blogging, so I start every month with a post about how this blog is performing. Here are some stats at the half-year mark.

Real Angry Birds used to sell phones

Earlier this year in Barcelona, a creative team doing advertising for T-Mobile built a giant, real-life version of Angry Birds. Waste of time? Absolutely! We’re talking about Angry Birds! Here’s what it looked and sounded like:

Shock: Google+ users are 88% male

Hey ladies! I’m throwing a party, and guess who’s on the guest list? Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook. Larry, Sergey and Vic Gundotra from Google. And of course, Robert Scoble. So you’re coming, right? Right? … Right?