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Dear social media developers

Some unsolicited advice to the good people of Google, Facebook, etc.

Fox News Twitter account hacked

It must a terrible 4th of July for the FoxNews.com social media staff. This morning, hackers seized the Fox News political Twitter feed and sent out a string of false tweets claiming President Obama had been assassinated.

Status report, month 5

June was another successful month for Breaking Copy. Visits were down slightly compared to May, mainly because the one super-hit post I had in June wasn’t quite as big as the super-hit I had in May. But two good things … Continue reading

Google’s best tools for online creators

Google has some great tools to bring out your secret etymologist. Over at The Hired Guns blog, I have a new post listing my favorite ways Google can illuminate how people use language. Check it out: Google’s Eight Best Tools for Online Creators.

Topic du jour: Social media measurement

There’s been a lot of writing lately about how to measure the impact of social media marketing. Yet it’s still hard to find an opinion from somebody who doesn’t have a horse in the race. One reasonably objective article appears … Continue reading

Meet Doug, the stunt peanut

I bet you’ll want to forward this to your friend Doug! For a few months, Planters has been running commercials with an animated Mr. Peanut character, voiced by Robert Downey Jr. As food advertising goes, it’s not too bad. Now … Continue reading

New Rob Zombie ad is a horrorshow

What’s Rob Zombie been up to lately? The heavy metal rocker/director has been working on a commercial for the most unlikeliest product you can think of. Just watch:

“A hugely regrettable mistake”

Yesterday afternoon, the Twitter brand lost a little more goodwill, and became a little more of a cliché. Too often, people looking at Twitter from the outside see it as a club of losers. Losers like Rep. Anthony Weiner. After #Weinergate, can … Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE! I can see your Weiner

A wise, gray newspaper editor once gave me this advice about writing: “Don’t make fun of people’s names. It’s too easy, and it’s not fair.” I plead an exception for Anthony Weiner.

Status report, month 4

May was another record month for Breaking Copy, with more that 3 times as many visits as the month of April. The increase was due mainly to Google and Facebook sending a lot of traffic to 2 particular posts, an … Continue reading