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Hurricane words that sell!

There’s a hurricane barreling down on Copywriter City. Here are a few insensitive suggestions for how you can use catastrophic weather to move products. We’re blowing the doors off!

New word alert: Cocooning

The latest workout fad is something called AntiGravity Yoga. There have been a slew of news articles about it this year. Now, thanks to a piece on ABC’s Good Morning America yesterday, this workout has a catchy nickname: Cocooning.

New word roundup

Here are a few words that have emerged recently and seem to be sticking around.

The Words With Friends rap song

“How many points can you brace yourself for? / I’ll throw quinoa on the board, chalk up 144.”

New word alert: Mansplaining

To mansplain is for a man to tell a woman something she already knows, with a condescending undercurrent of sexism. It’s based on the verb to explain and is conjugated the same way. As far as I can tell, the … Continue reading

New word alert: Acqhire

Here’s a word I have just started seeing: Acqhire. It is a portmanteau word, made of pieces of other words… “acquire” and “hire.”

New York Times Magazine readers hate a lot of words!

This week the editors of The New York Times Magazine posted a list of 489 words and phrases that readers have complained about. See the full list here. These were in response to a document they posted called "Words We Don't Say," a list of magazine writing clichés compiled by Kurt Andersen when he was editor of New York magazine. Times readers are picky, and some of their irritations are misplaced. (Who really has a problem with the word "genius"?) But it's a good list to look over anyway, just to see how different readers feel about language. Everyone's an editor!

New word alert: Squirmish

Sarah Palin has invented another new word. Here she is on Fox News, March 28: “I haven’t heard the president say that we are at war. That’s why I too, am not knowing, do we use the term intervention, do … Continue reading

The cult of Words with Friends

I see them in elevators, on train platforms, waiting in lines. Strangers—always men—intently focused, dragging their fingers in a particular pattern over the screens of their phones. I can always spot them because I am one of them. I am … Continue reading

Instant tagline generator (NSFW)

Here’s a way to create a throw-away ad slogan—or to make anything look slightly more badass. Try it yourself: