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Great commercial: Cats with thumbs

Fact: The Internet was built for one reason. So we could share funny videos of cats. Here’s a good one in the form of a commercial for the U.K. milk brand Cravendale.

Clearly, it’s everything you want from an ad about cats with opposable thumbs. The tagline on the new campaign is “The Milk Matters,” and it’s supported by a web site and the usual social media tomfoolery. According to the YouTube statistics, the ad is most popular in the U.K. (which makes sense) but is also getting viral pickup all over the world, including North America, Australia and Russia. Overall it’s a funny, satisfying commercial that supports the product.

Who created this ad?

Wieden + Kennedy London, with creative directors Sam Heath and Chris Groom, and creatives Hollie Sayers and Freddie Powell. More credits.

Who signed off on it?

Stuart Ibberson, senior brand manager, and Sam Dolan, brand manager for Cravendale/Arla Foods.

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Advertising

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