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“A great idea for the Camaro commercial”

Imagine the brainstorming session for a TV commercial that results in a TV commercial about that very same brainstorming session. I know, it’s like Inception, right?

That seems to be what happened with Chevrolet’s ad for the Camaro that ran during the Super Bowl, titled “Miss Evelyn.” See it here:

It’s not the best spot of this year’s Super Bowl (that would be “The Force”), but it’s pretty good at showing off the car and poking fun at the conventions of car advertising. I also like it as an example of ad copywriters using their copy to subversively promote their own profession. (Thanks for that!)

One qualm. It’s very similar to a scene from Mad Men, season 4, episode 5. In that scene, a buffoonish ad executive is brainstorming a TV spot for Honda motorcycles. “A Honda tears through the subway tunnel, the train nipping at its tire,” the character Ted Chaough says, imagining a way-to-expensive special effects scene involving a driver in a racing helmet. “And then he gets out on the sidewalk, stops, kicks down the kickstand, takes off the helmet—and he is a she. California blonde.”

The real-life Chevy ad, for comparison, has the line, “Maybe it’s a woman that’s driving. Hot. Totally hot. She’s blonde.”

Mad Men was riffing on old advertising cliché, so this Chevy Camaro ad is just covering familiar ground, not necessarily copying. It’s a smartly written commercial imitating someone doing a bad job writing a commercial. Overall kudos to Goodby for writing an ad that other ad people will like—and that Camaro fans will like, too.

* * * *

Who created this ad? Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. Co-Chairman/Creative Directors Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein; Executive Creative Directors Hunter Hindman and Rick Condos, Copywriter Alex Flint, Art Director Dino Spadavecchia, and Producers Susan Crimley, TJ Kearney. More credits here.

Who signed off on it? Joel Ewanick, General Motors global chief marketing officer

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Advertising, Copywriting

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