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New word alert: Cone-ing

Cone-ing is the new planking. Here’s the formula: Bored kids + camera = harmless G-rated mayhem. This time there’s soft-serve involved.

Cone-ing is making a video as you order an ice cream cone from a drive-through window and then grab it by the ice cream instead of the cone. The result is a gooey mess and, with luck, an interesting reaction from the person selling you the cone.

Why is this a thing?

Like planking, the word cone-ing (always with a hyphen, never coning or coneing) comes from Australia. Comedian Alki Stevens, on his Twitter profile, describes himself as “Australian Comedian. Inventor of Cone-ing. Former Backyard Wrestling Champion.”

It started with this YouTube video, which Stevens uploaded in June 2011 and now has over 6 million views:

For whatever reason, this swept the globe. A search for “cone-ing” on YouTube turns up thousands of videos from pranksters around the world. Here’s a video of a beleaguered McDonald’s employee in New Jersey who has “seen this stuff before.”


What the hell is wrong with these kids? Don’t they have access to drugs?

—Spotted via Gothamist and The Daily What.

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Language, Words

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