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New word alert: De-neutered

Donald Trump loves to talk, and while talking on Fox & Friends April 4, he invented a new word: De-neutered. Here’s what he said:

We de-neutered Iraq. Iran’s going to walk in, take it over, take over the second largest oil fields in the world. That’s going to happen. That would mean that all the soldiers who have died and been wounded and everything else would have died in vain, and I don’t want that to happen. … We weakened that country to the point where they can just walk in. I say, we take the oil. You know, in the old days, when you win a war, to the victor belong the spoils.”

To see the quote in context, watch around minute 5:57 of this video:

As Trump used it, de-neutered just means neutered. Compare it to the synonyms flammable and inflammable.

Trump is a national embarrassment. He is pretending to run for president not out of any sense of national responsibility, but to promote his own brand. Since he’s famous already, he has claimed a huge lead in the polls over the other, more obscure potential Republicans nominees. Nate Silver’s average of polls has Trump in second place after Huckabee. A recent CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll of Republicans has Trump tied for first.

Donald Trump may be a joke, but he’s far from de-neutered.

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Hat tip: Ben Smith at Politico.

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  1. stevchipmunk says:

    Well… Trump did attend Wharton undergraduate school.

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