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Ad exec: Don’t be funny

Recommended reading: “Why Old Spice Ad May Be the Ad Your Ads Shouldn’t Be Like,” a column by¬†Questus founding partner Jeff Rosenblum for Ad Age.

Rosenblum makes the case that Old Spice ads, despite their success, are not a good model for most advertising. Humor only works with some products, he says.

“Focus your advertising on providing consumer value. Educate consumers about your products. Make sure that they understand exactly how your products make life more fulfilling. Then — and only then — find an appropriate, authentic emotion that can help carry that message. Humor is powerful, but anger, inspiration and empowerment can be equally powerful.”

In other words, stop trying to be so damn funny. It’s hard to convey this advice without sounding like a wet blanket, but Rosenblum makes a good case. Read the full column here.


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