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Elephants. They’re just like us.

Funny thing about touch screens: Animals like them. My cat is fascinated by my smartphone, which lights up when he paws at it. Now here comes a commercial showing an elephant operating a Samsung smartphone with his trunk!

The video is titled, simply, “Peter The Elephant Plays With A Samsung Galaxy Note“:

Effective! The elephant, of course, has no idea what’s going on. But the interplay between the animal and his human handler seems to show real joy on both sides. It makes using the phone look like a lot of fun.

This ad also emphasizes what’s probably the Samsung Galaxy Note‘s main unique benefit: It’s bigger than other phones. That might not matter to you. But if you happen to have poor vision, fat fingers, or any other condition that makes it hard to use an iPhone, a larger screen would matter quite a bit. The tagline of the commercial is “Bigger is better.” You’d remember this.

(Also: Smarter than using an elephant to emphasize the phone’s memory!)

Who created this ad?

A mystery. I’m not sure if this was authorized by Samsung, done for fun by a fan, or if perhaps it’s from a rejected pitch. The ad surfaced on Mashable and other tech blogs yesterday, and is hosted on a YouTube channel called Techivator, which looks like a Samsung fan channel.

There are also these two additional clips/outtakes. Fun stuff:

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One comment

  1. JD says:

    In the video that shows the elephant strumming the guitar it looks like the elephant does have an idea of what’s going on. Either way, it’s a great ad!

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