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Skinny jeans: Have they gone too far?

Outside of athletic apparel for Winter Olympians, skin-tight pants for men have never been in high demand. Levi’s is trying to change this. And the result is not pretty.

Levi's Exgirlfriend JeansThe photograph of the man in pain seen here is actually live on the Levi’s website, where it’s promoting the Ex-Girlfriend Jean, a new style with a “spray on ultra-skinny fit.” It’s the latest evolution in a trend toward ever-tighter men’s pants. My friend Jon was in a Levi’s store this week and confirms this is a real product, actually on the shelves.

Let’s talk about the name first. It’s a play on women’s “boyfriend” pants, which take styling cues from men’s pants. Using “boyfriend” to describe women’s clothes was popularized a few years ago by the Gap, which resulted in a small degree of controversy. One website called the Boyfriend Trouser the “Worst Product Name of 2007.” But the name actually made sense, and other brands copied the idea.

Now Levi’s, by adding an “ex-” to the name and applying it to men, gives it a bit more edge. Ex? Hmm, there’s an intriguing story behind these pants. Levi’s catalog copy says: “Remember the girlfriend with the great style? Here’s a tribute to her — a fit that’s super-snug allover, an update of the five-pocket classic that’s as skinny as it gets.”

What Levi’s has done with the name is clever. And here ends Breaking Copy’s interest in the story—or it could anyway. But as a male writer, I think what Levi’s has done with the jeans deserves a few words.

Words like unpardonable. Appalling. Reprehensible. These nut-huggers can only be a diabolical plot to keep hipsters from breeding. Even fixie-riding vegan MGMT fans are entitled to a little breathing room in the crotch. It’s a human right.

Fortunately, the resistance has already begun. Check out this Miller Lite commercial which started airing in January—beating Levi’s product launch by a month!

Fellas, there’s a lesson here. We have a powerful force we can use against the formidable Levi’s marketing apparatus: Shame.

Friends don’t let friends wear Ex-Girlfriend Jeans. The next time you see a dude wearing or considering a purchase of pants this skinny, bring on the shame. Tell him he looks ridiculous. Tell him a man in jeans is supposed to look like Bruce Springsteen on the cover of “Born in the U.S.A.”—not David Bowie in “Labyrinth.”

This is our fight. Stop the ultra-skinny jean for the right reasons. Save your friends’ balls.

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Advertising


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  6. Kolton McCallister says:

    He’s just mad he can’t rock them. Okay, myth: skinny jeans don’t kill sperm cells. They are made with only about a half an inch less crotch room than baggy pants. Plus they stretch, so they’re more comfy than say.. The 514. Okay, now “they look retarded” is a matter of opinion, so don’t push your beliefs on others, it’s wrong. And finally, people tend to hang with people with similar tastes. So people who buy them are most likely to have friends who wear the same exact shit. Oh, and nice how you’re judgmental and think it’s “wrong” and that there’s a “way it should be”, because both of those statements are stupid. Yeah, right. And don’t even say we can’t get women.. The guys who wear these are typically NOT gay, and have girlfriends. Like me. I’ve been wearing them for five years, and still have to use condoms with my fianceè, because I too, can impregnate a woman. All of this is opinion, don’t let any of this scare you guys. I personally don’t think it would anyways. 😉

  7. Kolton McCallister says:

    And by the way, women are perfectly comfortable wearing pants that are labeled and fitted as men’s pants. But the men (the ones either a: not comfortable with their masculinity, b: are not aware that they aren’t uncomfortable, or c: just don’t like them, and think they should be eradicated) think it’s wrong, or they look bad. Be comfortable with yourself. If your only premise for not wearing them, is because you hear that real men shouldn’t, don’t listen. Look at ever punk, hardcore, an other various rock bands, plus half of the professional skateboarders. ALOT of them wear skinny jeans. Corey Duffel, professional skateboarder, wears skinny jeans, and has a beard. So you can still be “manly” in them. Oh, and I like how he says “even vegans . . . ” as if us vegans and vegetarians are below the rest of the world. Everything he said was a social born stereotypes, built by people that didn’t like so something, and would come devise any excuse and/or way to slap a social stigma on them. Remember mr., the ones who have to read this blog to contemplate, propably, don’t really like them. The ones who DO wear them, won’t care what you say. I hate to stereotype, but we skate and listen to metal. Even we, have a media we learn what is popular for our particular groups are, and it’s our bands, and sometimes skaters. And occasionally, our own personal tastes. You aren’t doing anything here, except trying to make yourself feel better due to insecurities, by belittleing others who don’t meet your superficial standards.

  8. Levis 569 says:

    Levis is nice brand as compare to other

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