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Chicken: Now more disgusting!

Chicken can be really excellent. But I’ve noticed a few fast-food chains that seem intent on making it less appealing than ever. Here’s three of the worst chicken-related marketing pieces I’ve seen lately.

Wendy’s has a poster advertising “flavor-dipped” chicken. The word “dipped” is unfortunate, as it reminds me of how you treat a dog for fleas. But more notable on this sign is the color of the Bold Buffalo chicken, which is glows with a nuclear-like luminance brighter than a fresh-sliced tomato.

Wendy's Flavor Dipped Chicken ad

Now let’s take a look at Subway’s latest chicken sandwich offering. What caught my eye was the odd description: “Fried flavor baked right in.” Huh?

There’s also a TV campaign which vividly illustrates the bad outcome you avoid (grease) by choosing this product (the baked chicken sandwich).

Subway tells me this sandwich isn’t fried (even though fried things taste good), and doesn’t contain as much grease as a burger. This sandwich might be delicious, fresh and healthful, but first I’m forced to ponder grease and frying to get to that conclusion. It’s like they’re trying to get my attention with something I don’t like. Why do advertisers structure ads like this, ever?

But I’ve saved the worst for last: Popeye’s offers this item that most closely resembles a human hand that got caught in a paper shredder. You may wonder what exactly is in this indescribable monstrosity. For my part, I wonder how many meetings it took to agree on the spelling of “Rip’n Chick’n.”

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Copywriting, Marketing, Signage

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