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The best lyrics from the new Fountains of Wayne album

Here’s a music recommendation for writers: the band Fountains of Wayne. If you’re familiar, you already know they record catchy pop songs that play out like little stories and character studies. It’s great iPod music.

FoW just released their fifth full album, called Sky Full of Holes. I’ve been listening to it for a few days and thought I’d share my favorite lines from it:

  • “Melancholy comes like the robin at your window.” – from “Someone’s Gonna Break Your Heart”
  • “In between the stops at the Cracker Barrel / and 40 movies with Will Ferrell / I need some way to occupy my time. / So I’m writing you a road song. / I sure hope you don’t mind.” – from “A Road Song”
  • “The injuries fade, but the memories last a lifetime” – from “The Summer Place”
  • “We used to sit in the corner / listening to ‘The Joker’ / They were playing it over and over / Every night at the Radio Bar.” – from “Radio Bar”
  • “There’s a girl on the train / leaning on a window pane / reading People magazine / just to help turn off her brain / and I swear I caught her staring at me / maybe I’ve been staring at her too.” – from “Acela”
  • “If you need a hand, why don’t you take mine? / Let’s get you out into the sunshine.” – From “Hate to See You Like This”

If you like this music, I recommend Fountains of Wayne’s whole catalog—”Utopia Parkway” and “Welcome Interstate Managers” are especially good.

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under Lyrics

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