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Fox News Twitter account hacked

It must a terrible 4th of July for the FoxNews.com social media staff. This morning, hackers seized the Fox News political Twitter feed and sent out a string of false tweets claiming President Obama had been assassinated.

At 9:45 a.m. ET, Fox had yet to regain control of the account. A previously unknown hacker group called The Script Kiddies took credit for the vandalism. This the latest in a series of hacks to hit high-profile websites.

A screen grab of the vandalized feed is below. First, here’s the statement FoxNews.com issued about its @foxnewspolitics Twitter account (which has over 35,000 followers) this morning:

FoxNews.com’s Twitter feed for political news, FoxNewspolitics, was hacked early Monday morning. Hackers sent out several malicious and false tweets claiming that President Obama had been assassinated. Those reports are incorrect, of course, and the president is spending the July 4 holiday with his family. The hacking is being investigated, and FoxNews.com regrets any distress the false tweets may have created.

And here’s what the feed looked like:

Fox News Politics Hacked Obama Assassinated Tweets

According to Gizmodo and screen shots posted by The Huffington Post, a group called TH3 5CR1PT K1DD3S, or TheScriptKiddie, or ScriptKiddi3s, took credit for the attack. The hacker(s) apparently was/were trying to follow the lead, or get the attention of, the hacker group Anonymous. Anonymous, along with splinter group LulzSec, is responsible for a series of high-profile hacks in recent weeks.

Without knowing how the hackers did it, it’s hard to know who the real loser is here—Fox News for failing to maintain password security, or Twitter for having some security vulnerability. Obviously, the real blame lies with these hackers, who possess the skills and discipline to build impressive things and solve problems, but instead use their talents to break stuff.

— By Daryl Lang. Filed under News & Journalism, Politics, Social Media

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